Black Album

I’ll never trade good music for anything else. A random thought though: I know I have changed—musically. I think my musical preferences have become more structured and more mainstream. Other than all my good music being gone (desktop reformatted quite a few times), all of my favorite artists have gone hibernating. I only have a few of those of what I can remember from my collection and browsing through my playlist in my player, I’ve gone mainstream for a long time and it’s a not so comprehensive combination of the usual flavors of rock, pop and alternative. With Banana Boy P, it’s a mix of occasional pop, alternative, RnB and hiphop.  My crowd doesn’t listen or even know who I hell am I talking about if I played The Kills or Vampire Weekend or some Dresden Dolls. But don’t get me wrong; it’s not that there aren’t any good ones coming out (though they have a tendency to become overplayed, overrated). You can lose your edge in so many ways. But I’m looking for something raw, fresh and a variety of experimentation in style and technique. I get really bored easily with a lot of things (sometimes it’s not just things) especially when it’s almost the same, every single time.

Veltpunch’s “Black Album” certainly gave me that and that band really gets my juices flowing. I’ve been into the Japanese music scene since high school and Veltpunch is one of the best things about it. The band is a pleasant deluge of rock, punk and experimental. I like the fact that they can make good music without the same uptight playing style as of Asian Kung-Fu Generation (but this band is a whole other thing on its own). Veltpunch has technique but they don’t have a definite structure of repeating the same melodies and beat at every song. It doesn’t get boring with them. Veltpunch knows how to utilize existing genres in a new way, which I think most musicians these days fail to see trying almost always to be the “next-big-thing” and missing the point of making good music.

They’re not always great, though. Listening to their earlier albums, it’s obvious they have good technique but lack in consistency and things may get too experimental sometimes that it gets too chaotic and may sound like a mess. But they have a mad flavor going on and I really liked that about them—nothing too synthesized, over digitalized, overdone and familiar.

Black Album” is a departure from their previous ones. They brought out a more solid style, their technicality in music has improved and listening to every guitar riff and bass line makes me feel mad(in a good way). New guitar melodies are thrown in and it’s flows surprisingly well. This album is a lot easier to listen to compared to their previous ones knowing how chaotic they can be. And every song of theirs brings out a lot of fucking good vibes.

I miss my music. I think I need to get my shits together and start making playlists again—once the laptop is fixed.



3. Sore wa Masani Hebi no Youni Zujou o Dakousuru Shuto Kousoku ga Kanojo no Heya Kara Taiyou o Ubatta

4. Kill the Club DJ

5. Don’t spit to your pineapple

6. FREE FALLING (A dolphin,is there)

7. youth



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