R Without Laptop

It’s quite customary for me to name electronics that come to my life that would be staying with me long term; that’s what happened to my desktop computer, mobile phone as well as my music player. However, my laptop straight from Japan didn’t have a name (I’ve forgotten to christen it) and it simply broke down on me a few days ago. I don’t have a proper name to call it while I lament on it’s loss. I’ve grown very attached to it. You see, broken down computers (in this case laptop) + summer = doesn’t mix well. I’m a graduate who’s waiting for December to take the NLE and since I have plenty of time to get on with my leisure life for 8-9 months, I need my daily dosage of my cyber life. It’s been almost a week and it’s terrible. It didn’t exactly turn me into a listless zombie during my waking hours nor did it make me sleepless but there were days that passed that activities that I once enjoyed with much abandon became a struggle. It throws a real hitch in things. It cuts me off from the geekery and fandom wank internet access provides and also communication between my friends.

Right now, I’m able to momentarily enjoy the comforts of the internet through an old model that will be shipped off eventually to my younger cousins. Tsss~

HOWEVER, having no laptop has its perks—more time to bask in leisure activities that don’t require me to stare off into the laptop screen. I had more time to read (I’ve been progressing on Lasher, finally), more time to enjoy songs and more time to draw. I’m a happy like apple lazing around and I was surprisingly, blatantly contented.  Yesterday I was able to finish three movies: The Black Swan, Predator and Let Me In (the English remake)– not bad to spend the lazy Sunday afternoon.

I just hope everything turns out for the best for my laptop. It’s currently being dismantled.


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