An Alexander Supertramp Adventure

An Alexander Supertramp adventure:  a wicked adventure to top all kinds of getaways and trips would be a perfect entry in my bucket list. A sense of perfect too-muchness, danger, freedom, simplicity, escape and nature. No, I wouldn’t go to the trouble of travelling all the way to Alaska to get my piece of adventure or donating my lifesavings to charity or letting my car get run over by a flash flood at some desert and go hitchhiking instead. I want a quiet removal and separation from the city life, which sometimes makes you feel so old and confined. What Chris McCandless did, as the film “Into the Wild” portrayed, though was pretty reckless—he was the gallant hero of his own self who wanted an escape from the hypocrisy of life by turning to a mad and doomed plan to channel too much experience, life and ideas.  He wanted to be an ultimate aesthetic voyager but he fails and blunders into the unforgiving terrain of nature with his amateur survival skills that he picks up along the way.

I loved the film, though and definitely inspired me enough to find my own path to adventure one day—with less hunger streaks and more edible, safe food.  “Into the Wild” is a 2007 film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s non-fiction book about the chronicles of one Christopher McCandless (RIP 1992) and his travels to reach his ultimate destination: the unforgiving Alaska of the 1960s. Why? To escape from the harrowing and troubled environment he grew up with.  Emile Hirsch was really good in this movie. He hit all the right notes in this gritty drama film with a dynamic performance that evokes sympathy, humor, admiration and frustration from me.  He was able to meet the physical and emotional demands of the character and seeing his transformation in the film is powerful.

An Alexander Supertramp adventure of abandon and thrill would be grand.  As I’ve said, I wouldn’t go to such extreme lengths though to fulfill that burning desire of adventure but I would like to affirm that the world is amazing and feel liberated discovering that. I still believe though that my fate is to wander, wide-eyed and take everything in, not all at once but slowly.


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