Waiting Day No. 03

To stop obsessing about the results of the mock boards and the possibility that I’ll be taking either the July NLE or December NLE, I got busy with handling the write ups of our batch since I’m part of the yearbook staff. Several hours last night was spent just to edit everything. I’m sorry for being such an elitist or Grammar Nazi, but I just can’t help the fact to think that these are the people who are graduating from the university, passing all English subjects. How can you say “you thought me how to love” or “he listen to me” or “… to consummate our sacrifices as the wind beneath her wings”? On my part, I’m not always 100% sure about my grammar and sentence constructions but I never forget the basics and know how to get my point across without being unnecessarily verbose about it (e.g. using the wrong figures of speech and metaphors). And why the heck would you put “passionate lover”? Damn. I’m terribly annoyed and amused at the same time and I’m still not halfway done with the particular section I’m handling.  Oh, and for those people who didn’t even comply to submit any write ups, the yearbook committee will be posting up Biblical passages, just to fill in the space. Hey, it’s better than getting no write up at all.

Chuck Palahniuk’s books would be next on my list of purchases with the money I’ve saved up. I’m also taking a break from my Sandman Collection and would purchase Watchmen next to get some Alan Moore on my shelves. I’m also looking at getting DC’s Arkham Asylum if a copy is available at any bookstore and Brian Azarello’s Joker by DC. I’m getting Spapple to read some, which is a new thing for him and an awesome thing for me seeing that he gets to appreciate these things that I like (he normally doesn’t like to read).

Random thought: I think it really pays when you enroll your kid in a very good school with a great English curriculum (or just their whole academic curriculum) even if the tuition fee rates are off the roof since it compensates the academic platform and standing. It really does pay off in the end, just saying.


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