Carnage Minimates

Look! Isn’t he the cutest? It was probably sheer fate and luck that brought me and him together. I’ve been wondering for the past few days if there was any Carnage merchandise I could get my hands on since I’ve got Spider Man Minimates and also a Venom one (Minimates and Mighty Muggs). Banana Boy P and I saw this little cutie one day and there were no more questions asked: I bought him.

I like Venom but I like Carnage as well. There’s something about characters that are unhinged and have a little imbalance between them that I love. Carnage is way crazier and his Minimates figure just gives that feel.

Venom as a Minimate looks great. The manufacturers did a great job in his overall look. The paint job doesn’t look sloppy; in fact, it shows a great amount of detail especially how the black residue of the symbiote looks against the red. He also has a cool accessory which I think is uncommon for most Minimates – interchangeable hands! He has his character’s “normal” hand which is a hand that has three claws (something which you don’t see in all Minimates), a larger hand with longer claws and a hand that’s shaped as a blade. These hand accessories mimic Carnage’s ability to be a deadly shape shifter, using his body as a weapon itself. It makes the Carnage figure intimidating and overall menacing with the strength to boot.


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