This week was our school’s foundation week and it flew by really fast. It’s the weekend and I’m feeling very curious and devious and a little extreme. Looking back at the week, it just made me realize I fail at dancing properly except for random dances like these. But other than that common knowledge, I have yet to live a life of more musings, saner, stupid and brilliant, beautiful and grotesque moments. It’s  going to be more of cold and hot, dream ridden and bursting, crashing reality and both dead and alive. There is so much more out there and as graduation comes slowly creeping from the corner, the spiraling ascent towards adulthood is both scary and exciting.

♠ It was my soul sibling’s birthday yesterday and it was his first time performing in a live audience for the student’s night party at the NBC Tent. He performed a song that was quite unexpected since he practically breathes Lady Gaga music and awesomeness and he’s colorfully gay, but he chose something punk from We the Kings. “Check Yes Juliet” should’ve been “Check Yes Romeo” then. I love you! Thank you for making me comfortable under my own skin 🙂

♠ “No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep”. We’re be gonna solid friends. It’s going to be us through & through. Graduation = </3


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