Good evening, you flourescent pheremone beasts -W. Ellis

I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been swamped down and washed up by the written output for our class seminar and that requirement serves as our clearance. I hate it, I absolutely hate it! I have barely enough time to relax and enjoy a bit of non-academic related work and the deadline and the rush of it all just plagues me. Believe me; it’s bringing out the worst in me.

♠ Spongklong, I miss you. The Universe’s weirdness is not the same without him at all! It’s been days since we found out that he has chicken pox (possibly the most annoying thing anyone could get) and he’s been isolated at home. I can’t shape into doing anything lately without being worried about him cooped up in bed, with blisters and the Varicella virus proliferating in his body. When I had chicken pox, it was the worst possible experience I had ever imagined. It was grim then for me and it’s grim for him now. Whatever I felt back then: hot stinging itch that spreads to the body—leg, scalp, stomach, soles of the feet. It’s an itch from an infection that lights up, burns, lit and burned. You’d feel like scratching your skin off. And there’s that creeping dull feeling of high-strung depression once you’ve been shut out from the world because you’re described as ‘communicable’. I think I’d go crazy not seeing him. He’s going mad, he says, feeling so limited and life’s unsatisfactory and everything else has gone to rot. I have a nervous havoc in my nerves about his condition, given also that this caused the negative effects and symptoms of “sudden withdrawal” from each other. Please, let him build enough cells to fight off the virus and give him immunity ASAP!

Once he gets better after a few more days, we’ll keep everything low-key and enjoyable. I’m excited to eat a lot with him again, have a night in, a movie marathon, comfty clothes and boxes of chocolates perhaps or junk food? I feel terribly lonely and a little paralyzed without him.

This reminds me of the nightmares I’ve had. Cut-off from everything, paralyzed and hopelessness into one.

♠ My cluster’s most recent rotation in Cardinal Santos Medical Center’s OR has been the most fulfilling rotation among the ORs we’ve been to since we’ve started our clinical duty. We’ve seen a lot there other than your common appendectomies and caesarean sections you’d see in most or some are usually… caseless. This is the first time we’ve encountered cases of a variety of sorts ready for us. So far, we’ve witness a craniotomy and I was able to scrub in a laparascopic cholecystectomy procedure and a removal of a hip prosthesis due to infection. There are a lot of things there for us. It’s a shame though we only had three days to be exposed in such a great area. We were definitely hands-on in there and the staff we’re accommodating to us students.

♠ There’s a lot of pretty good upcoming movies. The one I’m most excited about, honestly, is Thor. Although there’s a lot of other good stuff coming up. X-Men First Class with Michael Fassbender OHYES

♠ This week I’ve had the pleasant experience to watch great movies and by ‘great’ something that isn’t your average popcorn flick you’d mostly see in the theaters. I love “Cracks” immensely but I have developed so much love for “Never Let Me Go”. It was stunning yet a very harrowing film. It made me cry definitely and crying over a movie was something I haven’t done in quite a while. I should definitely do movie reviews about these two movies. They’re both something fresh and leaves a tremendous impression on us, the contemplative lot. May I just say Andrew Garfield is … *sigh* Bless you, darling 

♠ By the time I’d be travelling the world, I’d definitely visit this place: the H.R Giger Bar in Château St. Germain, Gruyères, Switzerland. Sipping some absinthe or regular Swiss beer in the interiors of a bar that resembles the alien queen’s womb and her son’s vertebrae. Gorgeous place and I wish they’d maintain it for future visitors such as moi


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