Weekly Musings

I woke up feeling really queer and my digestive system just gave up on me—possibly punishing me for the inglorious amount of food I consumed last night in a friend’s birthday party. Add also the alcohol and the sweet ladies drink: my friend makes the yummiest Shirley Temples, had quite a few glasses of beer, Absolut Vodka in Peach and some other iced babies to give you a trailing heat down your throat. Eating is one of my guilty pleasures and I’ll never be ashamed of the fact I have such a huge appetite and in fact indulge in it (although I have a fear that I may wake up one day really bloated). Thank you for good genes and an active metabolism and good company to enjoy food with!

♠ For weekly musings, I’m celebrating the fact that the senior class’ final exams are over which means that was the last final exams or written exams I’m going to take in my life in the academia. No, wait there’s still the board exams but this is just amazing! All that’s left is the in-house review in preparation for the board exams and relishing the remaining days as a student. The idea that I’m not going to be enrolling in anything from now on is still beyond me. I have no idea what to expect after graduation and beyond.

♠ The weather has been very bipolar although late afternoons from 4 o’clock until 5:30 is the best time of the day. The sky’s colors remind me of bursting nebulas, rust, and spilled Prussian blue ink and looking at it for a few minutes feels like all was at it inside. There was wind and everything stirred and the air flows like thick molasses and filled me and the shadows on the concrete grew longer and split into odd shapes like grotesque blue phantoms. I could spend the whole day alone, absorbing it all in listening to the city noise.

♠ A good friend reminded me about listening—really listening to music and let the music give you the best experience you could possibly ever know. I’m searching the interwebs for my kind of music and got some pretty good indie tunes and even trippy hardcore ones like Justice or just dope beats by N.E.R.D and something jerky and dirty like some Red Hot Chili Peppers. Never mind the video, just listen to some low-key, sweet sounding tuneage by Immoor that reminds me of running around at the quieter parts of the San Juan area during twilight:

♠ Watching the beautiful Eva Green in “Cracks” was definitely an experience that sent me the butterflies in my stomach and weirdness (the good, uncomfortable kind though). The independent 2009 drama film “Cracks” stars my favorite (and ever beautiful) Eva Green, Juno Temple (St. Trinian’s), Imogen Poots and beautiful Maria Valverde, is the first attempt of Jordan Scott (Ridley Scott’s daughter) at making movies. I enjoyed it immensely and it was eerily crazy and not a bad first for Jordan Scott. Another thing I loved about the film is the clothing especially Eva Green’s ensembles within the school campus. Wearing those clothes, it really looked liked she belonged in that time period with her face. Expect an upcoming movie review.

Eva Green in one of her ensembles for the film "Cracks"


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