♠ The seminar that my class has been organizing and toiling for in the past three months was finally held last Wednesday (February 3) at school. As part of fulfilling our requirements in NCM 105: Leadership and Management, N413’s seminar entitled “Nurse EntrePinoy: Taking Nursing to Global Heights” addresses the trend in health care where nursing graduates are practicing their profession on a limited scale or are unable to find gainful employment as registered nurses. These circumstances are exacerbated by a limited number of paying positions for fresh nursing graduates as compared to the sheer volume of newly licensed registered nurses. This disparity in supply and demand has compelled many of our compatriots to venture into businesses on the periphery of our profession or outside of healthcare altogether. Our seminar featured Dr. Ray A. Gapuz, the founder of world-renowned R.A Gapuz Review Center and arguably a fine example of nurse entrepreneurship. Please visit our website for more details.

♠  Look what Spongkles gave me ♥ We were together the whole weekend, which was great because we needed to make up for the time we lost last month. I’ve already finished Dream Country and probably will do a review about it soon.

The Sandman: Dream Country (Volume III)

♠ Duty at E.R of Cardinal Santos Medical Center. Very,very busy although not as busy as it is in the E.R department of public hospitals I’ve been to.

♠ I attended my first Baptist worship service courtesy of the family of Spongkles. It was very different from the traditional Catholic service I am accustomed to where a solemn atmosphere must be strictly observed. The Baptist community where Spongkles’ family belongs to is a group that emphasizes a contemporary service. They are encouraged to stand up, participate in hand clapping and applause while the music is playing and the music and the singing is loud enough to motivate the worshipers and set the upbeat mood. The topics from the Scripture are discussed with contemporary themes and the preaching style of is a combination of passion, instruction and challenge. Pretty okay for my first time in a Baptist community.


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