Splash Fashions 2011 Calendar

*swoon* Another fashion post!  Couldn’t help myself really. I’ve always had a soft spot for the sensuality in the macabre especially visually arresting photographs such as these. These are for Splash Fashion which is a high end Middle Eastern fashion retailer headquartered in Dubai and for this year, they are releasing a limited edition 2011 Calendar featuring photography by Tejal Patni.

The concept is operatic, Dada-esque and very Tim Burton ♥ All the shots are done in keen artistic rigour to complement the simplicity and elegance of the dominant color of black. The images are presented in sharp chromatic contrast that also gives them certain three-dimensionality through the careful use of light and shadows.

Client:Splash Fashions/Dubai/UAE
Concept: Tejal Patni
Photography:Tejal Patni
Styling:Kirsten Hermans
Hair/Make up:Sofi Longhurst
Digital Retouching:Anil Palyekar
Background Illustrations:Lia Golemba
Production Design :Tejal Patni

Source: here


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