Inspiration: Medical Dystopia and Dark Theatrics of Katarzyna Konieczka

Good lord, these are so wonderfully twisted not to share! This ensemble is made by Poland-based designer Katarzyna Konieczka who is well-known for making the most incredible avant-garde fashions with a dark conceptual bent: incorporating the medical apparatuses to fashion. Structured medical dystopia and dark theatrics is her game and seeing this photo for the first time sent me into a flurry of emotions and a single “wow”.

Photographed by Marcin Twardowski

Metal ruff and other materials resembling orthodontic medical equipment—forceps as fashion accessories?! I am EXTREMELY inspired. This is mad wicked and words fail. Click the link below to see more! They’re so BEAUTIFUL and breathtaking.

Medical Costumes collection

"Very Twisted Kingdom" Collection 2010

"Very Twisted Kingdom" Collection 2010

"Very Twisted Kingdom" Collection 2010

"Very Twisted Kingdom" Collection 2010

All this time my art, which sometimes borders in the netherworld and hyper-urban, post-punk noir culture, seems to be inspired by her. The bras, body suits, corsets, ruffles along with disturbing poses and the complexities of medical equipment attached with the metal ruff (can you imagine, metal ruff?!)—they’re armour I’d like to wear.

"Very Twisted Kingdom" Collection 2010

Inspired by the Elephant Man, Joseph Merrick

Please appreciate her by looking more at her works here.


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