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It’s not too late to chase your childhood dreams ♥

Things you encounter in high school have a way of sticking to you like no other events you eventually encounter at the later parts of your life. It was my critical formative years where I was still very awkward, thin and pale and pretty much haven’t found my own voice with the world and most especially within my peers (ohhh peers). One important thing that made me get through it all was a good story. And the best one was being in a form of a comic book—not your usual superhero comic books but an urban fantasy series written by one Neil Gaiman a very, very talented English writer of modern fantasy. Going through his works, one would realize his sheer talent of mixing and melding folklores and legends and taking to wonderfully imagined networks of worlds, realms and characters. He was breathtaking and at some point I did want to be able to write like him and think up all of those things he was able to produce.

I love the Sandman series terribly and in fact worshipped it. You also begin to incorporate it in your life by calling on to Dream and Death and you can’t help but think that they might be how Gaiman has depicted them in his work (at least that’s how it was for me). Anyway, it takes a lot of background and determination to get into the series which didn’t bother me since I’m naturally a wide reader especially regarding mythology and fantasy. Overall, the series has a well told plot (though may not be linear) and Neil Gaiman has the skill of mixing up and incorporating folklore, mythical and realistic elements to the Sandman universe. There is a right amount of darkness in the plot that struck and rubbed me in the right ways and the characters, though not all are loveable, made me smile and made believe the story they were telling. The artwork is another story. It stayed true to form and they were high quality works that captured the feel of the plot and the emotions the characters were delivering. It was pure magic and it was also a means for me to be familiar with the artists that I would eventually be idolising such as Charles Vess. Gorgeous, gorgeous work  . I sometimes wonder why the concept of the Endless was not adopted as a real world religion. Just sayin.

This brings me to a decision: I would invest in these first then my books then toys. With my lifestyle (I’m working on my student’s allowance which isn’t that huge), I realize I need to momentarily give up either one of the two (books/graphic novels versus toys).

I’m terribly excited for this! I haven’t had a graphic novel purchase in so many, many , many months now and I decided to get one each week. If I get each week, I’ll be motivated to get another one the next to keep the story flowing.


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