I Got You Where I Want You, You Beast

Yesterday, Spapple and I went out to spend some time together because we felt like we needed to take a break somewhere out in the city to take our minds off things and needed that special dose of the madness we usually create together. And besides, he’s such an adorable stress ball I can easily unwind to. Another reason was that I was finally getting a new toy after my last toy merchandise months ago.

Asuka & EVA-02 The Beast (click to enlarge) | Picture from Google

I had my eyes on Evangelion Unit 02: The Beast type ever since the promotional posters for the movie Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance came out. Being an Evangelion franchise fan who also has a very soft spot for Asuka Langley Soryu (her surname is Shinikami in the movie) and the unit that she pilots, Evangelion Unit 02, these were the characters I was keener about in collecting compared to the other mechas and characters out there. Last year while I was still waiting for a decent copy of Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance movie to be released, I kept myself updated on the promotional materials on the movie to just to satisfy my raging excitement. So far from what I understood then, the spotlight of the film was on EVA-02 and how it shifted into “The Beast” stage where it transformed into an animalistic, monster-like version of it. I was pretty much enamoured with the official made and fan made art that was being released in the net to promote the new look of this EVA-02, a side of the mecha which we haven’t seen. And the reviews of this transformation by the audience who were able to watch it when it was released in Japan were positive, which definitely put more fire in my curiosity about this.

EVA-02 The Beast

Spapple and I recently watched the movie after I was able to acquire a decent copy just last December. There was a sequence in the movie where it showed EVA-02 (there were changes in the design of the mecha, as I noticed) being piloted by the feisty Asuka, but due to the Vatican Treaty that says that only 3 Eva units are allowed per country and by the recent acquisition of NERV Japan of EVA-03, it was deactivated. EVA-03 turns out to be an enemy since the Angel Bardiel hijacked the EVA-03’s systems and merged with it. EVA-01 fights with it but was subsequently destroyed. In a confrontation, the new mysterious pilot from the U.S Mari Illustrious Makinami was able to hijack the coreless system of the EVA-02 and was able to enter a combat using the unit. She was able to remove the EVA-02’s limiters (for some unknown reason that I think will be answered in the next movie) that transformed EVA-02 into its “Beast” stage.

Mari looked like this when she effortlessly hijacked EVA-02's unit

And then last year, I checked out Kaiyodo’s official site and BOOM! I saw Revoltech’s new release which was Revoltech #090 EVA-02 The Beast. It was already locally available in stores since last year and I knew I had to get my hands on it. I let Christmas pass because I needed extra money to be able to purchase it without getting hungry for days. And since last night after finally purchasing it, I’ve been fawning over it like crazy.

Revoltech Eva Type-02 The Beast Series No.090 (click to enlarge)

As you can see the packaging of this beauty comes with the standard Revoltech Yamaguchi packaging and the figure and most of its accessories can be seen in the front side. I think it was a good decision for the company to package this Beast in the non-traditional standing mecha pose. The Beast looked menacing as is crouched awkwardly looming over something—this made the figure stand out compared to the other Revoltech mechas Kaiyodo is selling.

Backside of the box (click to enlarge)

The back side of the box showcases the official shots of the figure in several dynamic poses giving you ideas on how you can pose this creature. Based from the poses and the official shots of the figure available, this gave me an idea that the figure is more flexible and has a lot of variation compared to usual stiff looking mechas.

First picture out of the box 🙂

The Beast comes with many accessories such as a pair of claws, a blood spurt effect that may be attached on the shoulder and the head, a clear stand base for the figure, etc. I just wished it came with optional variation of hands since the hands can be easily pulled out from the arms anyway.

Personally I think the EVA-02 The Beast figure is cool with good details and I especially love the beastial design. The figure effortlessly looks ferocious in any position and it has several fluid/ flexible poses because of its awkward proportions.

The face of the mecha is distorted from the normal EVA mecha. It has a longer chin, a winder mouth filled with razor sharp teeth and when you open the jaw, it features a protruding tongue. The Beast also has a double jointed shoulder, which is not present in other EVA mechas Revoltech released. Also the body of the figure is much larger, muscular and more organic in appearance.  The charm of the figure for me is that unlike other mecha figures that you can only poise stoically, this one you can freely pose it as wild looking as possible. The wilder and more furious it looks with the poses you give, the better.

I’m in love ♥


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