2010 in Retrospect | Break 2.0

The vacation feels like it just flew by. Classes started today with our professor a harbinger of semi-bad news (or I guess more appropriately put a ‘sermon’). During the vacation we had a sizeable three weeks, I think and that started immediately with a house party. I had many plans to do during the holidays but the hustle and bustle of the season and my dad’s one year death anniversary caught up with everything else… so those plans just slid behind the backburner. And I had absolutely no motivation to get down and start working on my drawings, my books, honestly. Mostly I was with P, beaming and absolutely relishing the holiday weather. Too bad I didn’t manage to shop for DVDs which I intended to do. I need these ASAP:

Need to Watch!

On another note, I was thinking of how I spent my 2010. It wasn’t all well and good that’s for sure, but I’ve had a better year compared to the previous ones. It’s getting better and I sincerely hope, it’ll be better this year.


Got lost somewhere in Laguna (the original destination was in Alabang though—long story) and I learned it was definitely okay to get lost as long as you’re not alone in that fate ★ “Black Market” Greenhills—awesome and forever will be ★ Elsie Gaches Village, where I spent plenty of calming alone moments in the swing ★ National Center for Mental Health—I wasn’t confined; I just people that in some ways have it better ★ Philippine Orthopedic Center—I finally got through it because I really hate bones and all those mechanical attachments ★ Greenmeadows—pretty much like a larger version of Valle Verde and where (recently) we spent an awesome cloud filled night together with friends and an epic game of BANG and SAK (I won the best “mananago”) ★ Spongklong’s house and his “haunted room”—which I would gladly revisit any day ★ Greenwoods: because that’s the best place to lie on the concrete, have quiet time, nap on the road, look at the sky at night or if you’re lucky, look at the stars at night ★ San Lazaro Hospital—those LRT rides are just… BLAAAAAH but it wasn’t so bad with awesome clustermates and when you go up the stairs you see this pic:


Inception ★ ToraDora ★ Durara ★ True Blood Season 3 ★ Toy Story 3 ★ Megamind  ★ Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs ★ Alien ★ Alien 2 ★ Kingdom of Heaven ★ Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance ★ Avatar ★ Easy A  ★ May ★ Glee Season 1 and Season 2


Fell in love for real (and anyone who says being in love is overrated, I believe hasn’t done it properly) ★ tried out new things (with the help of my boyfriend spongklong P) ★ listened to more fashion advice ★ Curled my hair more often (there’s just something about it that’s really feminine without being overdone) ★ lie on the concrete, at some quiet pavement at public places during the nights (with night driving afterwards)


Okra + bagoong ★ the Mang Inasal meal with bottomless rice ★ Nutella (with banana usually, with spoons, bread or skyflakes at the parking lot)★ the siomai with the yangchow rice available only at POC ★ Tater’s white cheddar cheese popcorn ★ pancit canton with Cheez Whiz (best discovery of the year)


my 2011 planner ★ my gray flats because they’re super comfortable ★ Neil Gaiman books (of course!) ★ although I didn’t purchase it  but spongklong did: Mighty Muggs Venom ★ another purchase by my boyfriend to me: Harley Quinn by Yamato ★ the Warrior Alien figure ★ white v-neck t-shirt (the most comfortable, versatile thing everrrrrrr) ★ Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture (holy grail– it actually keeps my skin from flaking) ★ my drawing notebook (spongklong gave it to me months before we we’re officially together and it sends a lot of happy thoughts) ★ my Lego adult watch that showcases a cute little Storm Trooper

♥ so much


spongklong (because you’re an addiction, truly) ★ my sling bags ★ Mentholatum lip balm ★ Gloomy Bear plushie ★ Etude House concealer ★ my Lego ring ★ my Stormtrooper Lego watch ★ Monami lovepet pens ★ my clustermates ★ toothpaste

Mine is black. His is white.

It always seems impossible until it’s done – Nelson Mandela.


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